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Find Out If Your Data is Available on the Dark Web

The Dark Web is huge and secretive, which means you need to leverage the right tools.

Your business relies on a lot of data - a lot of it, considerably sensitive. 

Have your network and security policies been effectively doing their jobs, or is some of your business’ sensitive data available on the Dark Web? Knowing this can be the key to identifying and improving your current security shortcomings, and better anticipating issues down the road. However, the nature and size of the Dark Web can make it very difficult to tell if your data is shared somewhere in its recesses.

Telesys Voice and Data has a solution: our Dark Web Security Assessment.

We’ll scan the Dark Web for your data, alerting you if any of it appears. We won’t stop there, either. We’ll deliver the training that your staff needs to help them avoid further data leakage and theft.

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