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Can a Hacker Breach Your Network?

Penetration Testing simulates a real-world cybersecurity attack to uncover exploits in your IT security

Did you know that some of the world’s biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities were found, reported, and fixed thanks to ethical hackers? These IT security experts utilize the same tactics as cybercriminals to find exploits in a system before the bad guys get a chance to cause harm. 

At its core, this is how our Penetration Testing service works.

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“Understanding Penetration Testing” 

How Does Pentesting Work?

Utilizing an ever-growing stack of tools and tactics, our IT security experts will attempt to breach your network to uncover holes in your cybersecurity defenses. This includes:

  • Taking advantage of weak passwords
  • Bypassing poorly configured IT infrastructure
  • Exploiting hardware and software vulnerabilities
  • Deploying phishing and other social engineering tricks.

We then document any chinks in your armor and help you remediate them.

Pentesting Is a Critical Part of Your Cybersecurity Plan

Ongoing pentesting is required to meet certain security regulations, and is necessary to determine if the money you are spending on security is actually protecting your data. Telesys Voice and Data is happy to work with businesses discreetly, even if you have internal IT staff or are working with another third-party.

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“Understanding Penetration Testing”

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